we watch them going
fundamental loneliness
delusive hope
shining bright
break the silence
waiting for salvation
out of range
waiting for another day
we always hope
the attempt
in the desert
among friends
tired of indecision
cold inside
give it a try
l'isola di calipso
la foresta di circe
telemaco | odissea series
nausicaa | odissea series
eolo | odissea series
laerte | odissea series
circe | odissea series
penelope | odissea series
ulisse | odissea series
no hope no fear
terra incognita
secret garden
attraction (lost in the city series)
everyone his own island (lost in the city series)
oblivion (lost in the city series)
sweet amnesia (lost in the city series)
the long wait (lost in the city series)
lupi (they are looking at you)
kalypso (don't get lost)
molo (pier)
weird city (sunset)
io sono un gatto




judith nicolussi

an italian living and working in vienna, austria, i have been drawing and painting as long as i can think back. today i share my time between my art presented here and my work as a graphic designer.

it is often the "objet trouvé" that lies at the beginning of the collages i create. this can be newspapers, packaging materials or simply paper that i have painted on before. i especially like the stories embedded in the sensual qualities of the those found materials. i enjoy the free, less controlled and less clean forms of creative usage they inspire me to.

jn [at] juniverse.net

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